4 Great Spots in Downtown Lititz, Lancaster!

Come check out one of the best spots in lancaster- downtown lititz

Explore Downtown Lititz in Lancaster with Lauren Blain

Video Transcript:

This is Lauren Blain from Kline Corbett Group! Today, we are visiting Lititz, Pennsylvania, one of the coolest small towns in America. It’s a great day trip destination. Here are some of my favorite places to visit while I’m in town.

I love Bulls Head at Lititz Springs Inn, our wonderful Lititz Springs Park, which just holds many events. In addition to that, there’s some great bars in the area. Stoll & Wolfe is a local distillery where they still their own whiskey, bourbon, and vodka. And Wilbur Chocolate, I love to visit there to get my chocolate gifts for my customers, my clients, and friends and family, too.

Some of the great celebrations in town are the 4th of July celebration, this town takes it very seriously. And the entertainment and the community is just wonderful bringing everybody together. So this is a great thing to visit if you are in town during the summer months and you are lucky enough to visit during 4th of July week.

If you have any more questions or want to take a tour with me, reach out any time! I’d love to show you around.


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