5 Steps to Buying a New Home in Lancaster


Here’s all you need to know for buying a home in Lancaster!

We're here today to talk with you about the five steps in buying a house in Lancaster County!

First step is to speak with a lender so that you know your budget and you can focus your home search. Once you're looking at homes, you're going to be looking at homes with buying agents. 

Don't rely on the listing agent to be showing you the homes because they're not directly working with you and they're not going to always have their best interests at heart.

When you do find a home that you want to buy, your realtor is going to write the offer for you and negotiate the terms with the seller's agent until you can both come to an agreement. 

Step four, once you are under contract, your realtor is going to help you set up any inspections that you may need, give you resources for third party vendors that you might need throughout the process just to make your transaction smooth. Also working with your lender hand in hand to be there for the full process of your transaction. 

Finally, you'll be at the settlement table and you'll be able to sign the papers and get the keys to your new home. So give us a call and we can help you get to that settlement table. Let's do it.


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