Is Negotiation Coming Back For Real Estate Transactions?

Negotiation is coming back. For the first time in years, some sellers are having to negotiate. Ever since COVID hit and exasperated the already hot seller’s market, buyers have practically had to surrender anything that makes their offer less appealing.

We’ve seen anywhere from 15 to 30 offers on one property, and things are starting to change. Now that the market is entering a shift, sellers may have less offers in hand. And pricing your property right now when you put it on the market is absolutely crucial.

All of a sudden, you know, there’s a lot more things for our buyer clients to think about and the opportunities out there. Not only price, we can actually talk about that and negotiate the price.

There’s a tool you can use called a seller’s assist, which had sort of disappeared the last few years. That could come back into play. 

Many houses aren’t going under agreement within three or four days, they’ll pass by to seven or ten days. Today, our clients now have the opportunity to see multiple houses in one showing afternoon and they actually have time to think about their decision. 

For some of the folks that may need a little help with their financing, they can actually have time to explore creative financing with their lenders. 

Before, inspections were being waived, but now our clients are now able to get inspections on the homes they are interested in purchasing. 

During the last two years, everything happened so quickly that buyers may not have had the opportunity to take advantage of these things. Now things are starting to take a turn for the better. 

Will you be taking advantage of these opportunities? We would love to guide you through the home buying/selling process!


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