Lancaster City Short Term Rental Update


A Recent update for Lancaster City Investors

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, just bringing you a quick update on Lancaster City’s short-term rental regulations. Just here in May 2023, City Council voted unanimously to approve one more usage for short-term rentals. If you remember last year, I would say early 2022, maybe February, City Council came down pretty hard and pretty fast on short-term rental regulations, really restricting it to the downtown central business district and surrounding areas for single homes only. As of this May, they are now allowing one or two apartments above a commercial space to be used as a short-term rental. So you still need to get your permits, your approval for the variance, but if you own a business or if you own a building with a business in it downstairs and there’s just one or two apartments upstairs, you may be able to use that now as a short-term rental. So it should drive some more tourism, drive some more business and income for our small businesses downtown, and also hopefully incentivize some of those long-term owners to rehab those one and two units that maybe haven’t been touched in a long time. So there you have it, some good news. We’ll keep you in the loop with all the happenings down in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks. I’ll see you guys out there. Bye!


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