Meet Lancaster’s Best Team: Doug Kline

Meet lancasters best team

Meet one of our Team Leaders, Doug Kline

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name’s Doug Kline. My partner, Ashley Corbett and I are Kline Corbett Group. I’m married for 39 years. My wife, Lisa and I have four children, all grown and out of the house now. So not grandparents yet, before too long that will keep us very busy.

A friend of my wife’s, and she was my friend also, suggested, “Hey, I think Doug would make a good realtor.” So after 27 years with Pepperidge Farm in sales, it’s like yeah, let’s do this. So, so happy I did it. I wish I would have done it a lot earlier in my career.

I was looking for a different place where I could brand myself and really looking for a partner. Ironically when I was looking, simultaneously Ashley was looking at the same time. A person in our office said, “Hey, you should talk to Ashley” and “Ashley you should talk to Doug.” And that was fall of, I want to say, four years ago, and we made our team.

Being a realtor, every situation is different. Everybody’s wants and needs are different, the reason for buying a house, and it just is really cool to be able to help them from beginning to end. And buyers wants and needs are varied so much, so just getting to learn about what and where they’re interested in, and then refining that and getting very specific with them, and so at the end of the day, they’re really happy with where we ended up.

But once again, my name’s Doug Kline. Give me a call anytime. We’re happy to help you out with all your real estate needs.


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