Lancaster Ice Cream Trail 2023


Lancaster Ice Cream Trail

Unveiling Lancaster’s Ultimate Ice Cream Adventure! Join us as we embark on a mouthwatering journey along the County’s Ice Cream Trail

🍨🏞️ From classic cones to artisanal delights, we’re exploring 25 top-notch ice cream spots handpicked by Discover Lancaster.

🚀🍦 Get the scoop on how to unlock exclusive deals: just grab your virtual passport from and hit the trail! Don’t miss this frozen fiesta, perfect for beating the heat and satisfying your sweet tooth.

🌡️❄️ Ready to chill with us? Hit that play button and let’s roll!

🎬🍦 #LancasterIceCreamTrail #ScoopAdventures


Calling all ice cream fans. It is way too hot out there and I think it’s about time for you to enjoy some of Lancaster’s favorite ice cream spots. There’s this awesome ice cream trail that Discover Lancaster made that helps you tour 25 of the best ice cream spots in the County. Check it out. It’s called Lancaster County Ice Cream Trail. All you have to do is sign up for the passport on You’ll get an email that will prompt you to save your virtual passport to your phone home screen. Then you can take the passport to any of the ice cream shops listed for a special deal.


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