The Best 3 Corn Mazes in Lancaster

The Best 3 Corn Mazes in Lancaster

Hey, folks! Welcome back to our channel, and boy, do we have an exciting autumn adventure lined up for you! 🍁

Join Ashley as she takes you on a thrilling tour of Lancaster County’s top family-friendly outdoor attractions this fall. From delicious dairy delights to cornfield mazes, we’ve got it all covered! 🌽 🍦

Oregon Dairy:

Just a short 10-minute drive north of Lancaster City, Oregon Dairy is a dairy lover’s paradise! With scrumptious ice cream that’ll melt your heart, a fantastic playground for the little ones, exhilarating barrel and tractor rides, and a picturesque pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin, this place is an absolute blast! 🎃 Don’t forget to tackle their colossal 13-acre corn maze – one of Pennsylvania’s biggest! 🌽

Corn Cob Acres (Mountville):

Calling all small adventurers! Corn Cob Acres in Mountville is the place to be. It’s jam-packed with kid-friendly activities and fantastic photo opportunities. Get lost in their challenging corn maze, hop on a classic hayride, and make unforgettable memories with your family. 🌾

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm (Ronks):

Hold onto your hats, because Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Ronks is a non-stop thrill ride! They’ve got everything from a giant slide to a gravity-defying trampoline. Oh, and did we mention they were voted the #1 corn maze in all of America? That’s right! But here’s the kicker – they’re open not just in the fall, but also in spring and summer, with six fantastic festivals throughout the year.

So, whether you’re a local or just passing through Lancaster County, these outdoor gems are a must-visit. Stay tuned for more tips and exciting places to explore while you’re here.

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Hey, it’s Ashley. I’m here in Lancaster County to share with you three attractions for the family. Outdoor things to do this fall. We are right here at Oregon Dairy. We’re just 10 minutes north of Lancaster City. Oregon Dairy has ice cream, of course. They’re a dairy place. They have amazing ice cream, playground for the kids. There’s barrel rides, there’s tractor rides. You can even take a wagon ride down to the pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkin. They also have a 13-acre corn maze. It was actually one of the biggest corn mazes in Pennsylvania. Next, we also have corn cob acres out in Mountville. Tons of things for the small kids to do. Lots of great photo opportunities, corn maze, hay rides, of course. And then lastly, I want to tell you about Cherry Crest Adventure Farm down in Ronks. And so Cherry Crest Adventure Farm has all kinds of activities. They’ve got a giant slide, a giant trampoline. They were actually voted the number one corn maze in all of America, which is pretty amazing. And so they’re down in Ronks, but they’re not just open in the fall. They’re actually open spring, summer, and fall. And they have six festivals all throughout the year. Now those are just a few of the outdoor places here in Lancaster for you to check out. So be sure to check us out for more tips and more places to go while you visit here in Lancaster. Have fun, guys.




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