York #1 Family Fun: Turkey Hill Experience

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Come visit the Turkey Hill Experience with local agent, Courtney Topper

York’s Local Agent, Courtney Topper

Video Transcript:

If you live in South Central Pennsylvania, you know that we make a lot of great snack foods. Today we’re here at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia. I think every small town in Central Pennsylvania has a Turkey Hill in it. I know I grew up in a small town and there’s two things at our intersection and one of them was a Turkey Hill.

Today I’m here with my daughter Quinn. She’s 15 months and we just went through the Turkey Hill Experience. You get to see how the ice cream’s made, you can make your own flavor of ice cream, and you can package it. You can walk through simulators. You can also see how the iced tea is made and make your own flavor of iced tea. You can make your own commercial as well!

We had lots of fun here at the Turkey Hill Experience today. We saw lots of kids who were preteens and teenagers as well that looked like they were having a blast, and little ones as young as 15 months can have a good experience too.


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