York’s #1 Park: Rocky Ridge

explore York's best park with a local agent

Come visit Rocky Ridge Park in York with local agent, Courtney Topper!

York’s Local Agent, Courtney Topper

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Courtney with the Kline Corbett Group, I’m our local agent in York County! And when most people think of York County they typically think of our industry and our manufacturing, we have Harley Davidson, Utz Chips, York Barbell, but we actually have a lot of really great county parks. Today we’re here in Rocky Ridge County Park, which was York County’s first County Park.

Rocky Ridge has 750 acres, 90% of the acreage is wooded by a lot of it is oak trees so it’s nice and shaded. There’s 12 miles of trails for hikers, bike riders, horseback riders as well. There’s a dog park. There’s also a kid’s nature preserve, 12 pavilions and lots of playgrounds for the kids to play it as well. There’s also two observation areas that allow for observation over the Susquehanna Valley.

So if you’re looking for any family fun activities outdoors in York County come to any of our county parks like Rocky Ridge. If you have any other questions about things to do in York County feel free to contact me.

Want any additional information on this park or other great parks in York County? Check out the York County Website here!


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